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This is an attempt to document Blonde Vinyl Records, a record label started by Michael Knott that put out some of the best music in the early ‘90s by groups like LSU, Breakfast With Amy, Dance House Children, Black and White World, Deitiphobia and others.  Further information, scans, and comments are welcome.  Please email the webmaster here.

  • Orginally Knott used Blonde Vinyl to release independent projects he was working on, including the original Wakin' Up the Dead by LSUHe later revived the label for some later independent projects.  These can be found on the Promos and Other Releases page.


  • The albums on this site are listed in chronological order according to item number.  All listings are for CDs except where noted.


  • Siren Records releases are also included as the final two releases listed.

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