Frontline 9000

Frontline Records started in 1986 after a failed attempt by the owners to buy the rights to Broken Records.  Many of the early releases featured artists from that label, most notably Altar Boys, Crumbacher, and Common Bond.  Although primarily a record label at first, after buying the rights to Alarma, Graceland, and Intense Records, they started their own distribution company.  Frontline offered a wide range of styles including industrial, gospel, pop, metal, modern rock, and rap.
Eventually, distribution was handled through Diamante, and lasted until the company folded in 1995.  The albums on this site are from approximately from the first five years of existence.

During the early years Frontline was distributed by the Benson Company.  Each release were given the following codes:
  • RO and item number for records
  • CO and item number for cassettes
  • CD and item number for compact discs
Item numbers for CDs have used whenever possible.  Some releases, however, were only released on vinyl or cassette.
The listings here are by no means complete.  Additonal cover scans are appreciated.
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