Rock Collection

Produced by Various


Includes "I Thought", an outtake from River Disturbance by Deliverance, and the BAI debut of the title track from Adam Again's In a New World of Time.



Rap Compilation

Produced by Various


 Rare tracks include "Real Hip-Hop", a demo by LPG, "The Ride" an outtake from The Freedom of Soul's 2nd Comin', and the original version of "C-Mode Funk" by SFC.



Raw Compendium

Produced by Various


 Features the digital debut of a track from The Holiday's Everything is Now, entitled "I'm Just Another Boy".



Reflections Companion

Produced by Various


 Includes an acoustic version of "Buffalo Hills" by Daniel Amos, and "Sleepwalk", a studio outtake by Adam Again.


 7512685092 (BRD4004)

Deliverance-River Disturbance

Produced by Terry Taylor and Jimmy P. Brown II


 For some reason the ISBN was used instead of the item number for this release. It would later be reissued by Retroactive Records as RAR7853 with new artwork and bonus tracks.




Produced by Sup and Peace


After the departure of DJ Dove, Sup returned to the jazz influenced hip-hop of his earlier work.


 BRD4006 (BAI/New Soul)

Jon Gibson-Love Education

Produced by Jon Gibson


 Jon Gibson, who had been on Frontline Records for years, moved to Brainstorm for this release.



SFC-The Vibe (cassette single)

Produced by Sup


 The first of three singles later collected The Next Level of Hip-Hop compilation.  This one had three songs not found on the Illumination album.



Dynamic Twins-It's About Time (cassette single)

Produced by Dynamic Twins


 Contains three non-album mixes of the title track.



Dynamic Twins-40 Days in the Wilderness

Produced by Dynamic Twins


 This would be Dynamic Twins' final album for the Brainstorm label.  They would later sign with Metro One and produce the album Above the Ground.


 BRD4010 (5 Minute Walk Records)

My Brother's Mother-Deeper Than Skies

Produced by Andy and Jamie


 Whether at the behest of their distributor, or a new business strategy, BAI became an umbrella for a lot of up- and-coming labels.  5 Minute Walk was one of them. Gene was involved with the recording of this Andy Prickett side project.



LPG-Worst Enemy Greatest Allie (cassette single)

Rumored to exist, but very rare to find.




LPG-The Earthworm

Produced by Peace and Sup


 LPG's debut for the label. They would later make an albums for the Solar Music Group and Uprock.



Clash of Symbols-Begging at the Temple Gate Called Beautiful

Produced by COS, Gene, and Mark


 Altar Boys' Mike Stand new band had already released an EP's worth of material independently before recording this album.


BRD4014  (5 Minute Walk)

Black Eyed Sceva-Way Before the Flood

Produced by BES and Bruce Winter


Another 5 Minute Walk production.



Daniel Amos-Songs of the Heart

Produced by DA and Terry Taylor


A concept album that followed the travels of Bud and Irma Akendorf.  It would later be released as a three disc/book box set entitled When Everyone Wore Hats by Stunt Records.



Adam Again-Perfecta

Produced by AA and Gene Eugene


Perfecta would prove to be the band's final studio album.



Lifesavers-Huntington Beach

Produced by Lifesavers


Another Michael Knott project for Brainstorm.  This is the basic lineup that would comprise The Aunt Bettys and be signed to Elektra Records.


 BRD4018 (5 Minute Walk Records)

Dime Store Prophets-Love is Against the Grain

Produced by DSP and Masaki


 The final 5 Minute Walk release issued with the BRD + item number.  Later releases would still be distributed by Diamante and  start with FW and later FM.



DigHayZoose-Ascension 7-Rocketship to Heaven




The band's final album was a live recording from Cornerstone '94.  Two tracks feature Alan Aguirre of Scaterd Few.



The Next Level of Hip Hop Compilation

Produced by Various


Collects three previously released cassette singles.  In addition instrumental versions and remixes, it also includes the rare tracks "We" and "What's Happenin" by SFC and "Slaughter" by LPG.