No number (Broken)

Level Heads-"Fire and Grace"

7-inch single


Issued to radio with the same song on both A and B sides.


No number (Broken)

Ojo-"Give Your Children Wisdom" 7-inch single


Same as above.


ESK-74317 (Epic)

Freedom of Soul-"This Is Love"

CD single


The title song and three remixes from the Yo! Brothers which included Dr. Dre.  Also released on 12 inch vinyl as EAS 4558.


PROMO CD0010 (BAI/Stunt)
Daniel Amos-Motor Cycle tracks
CD single

Issued to radio and to the band's fan club.  It features interviews, demos, and acoustic versions of songs from the album.


PRO 6677 (WAL)

Lost Dogs-"Pray Where You Are"

CD single


The single features studio outtakes, three album tracks, and a radio edit of the song "Imagine That."


PRO 7027 (WAL)

Riki Michele-"Far, Far"

CD single


Along with the title song and "Love Life and Dance," the single includes a bonus track entitled "It's Here" with a brief rap by Peace.


PRO 3884X (Myrrh)

The 77's-"Snake"

CD single


Not only does this release have two rock radio edits of "Snake" and "Nobody's Fault..." it includes a track from each of their first three albums.


9016-966-293 (WAL)

Wal Paper Summer Sampler



Features album tracks by Adam Again, Lost Dogs, Daniel Amos, and DigHayZoose, among others.


9016-987-290 (WAL)

Wal Paper Winter Sampler



Includes songs by Lost Dogs and two songs by Riki Michele, including "It's Here" otherwise only  found on "Far, Far" single.


EK 53074 (Epic)

Pie in the Sky-Rock

CD sampler


Epic's Pie in the Sky series was meant to introduce Word artists to a mainstream audience.  The "Rock" version includes album tracks by The 77's, Daniel Amos, and Undercover.


EK 53075 (Epic)

Pie in the Sky-Rap

Featured two songs by BAI's SFC and Freedom of Soul, as well a song each by both  Idol King and Dynamic Twins.

EK 53077 (Epic)

Pie in the Sky-Country

Included the  "Reasonable Service" by Mercy River from their Coyote Moon album.

The Pie in the Sky series also included  "Pop" and "Gospel" editions, but neither featured artists from the Brainstorm stable.




KMG8693 (KMG)

Adam Again-Worldwide Favourites

Produced by Gene Eugene


After the demise of Brainstorm, KMG obtained the rights its catalog.  Gene Eugene picked the songs for this compilation and wrote the liner notes.


KMG8926 (KMG)

Lost Dogs-The Best of the...

Produced by Lost Dogs


Includes a live version of "Built for Glory" and "Dunce Cap," an outtake from The Green Room Serenade.