Freedom of Soul-Caught in a Land of Time

Produced by Various


 One of the few albums of the era to be issued on both CD and vinyl LP via Epic Records (as E 47801).



Daniel Amos-Kalhoun

Produced by DA and Terry Taylor


 Daniel Amos (also known as D.A. and da) made the jump from Frontline Records to Brainstorm after a four year hiatus.



Adam Again -Dig

Produced by AA and Gene Eugene


Dig was reissued with Homeboys in 2000 (minus the final tracks to both albums to fit) by KMG as KMGD8952, but no sonic upgrade was attempted.

It was later remastered and released by Lo-Fidelity on LP (LOFILP005) and CD (LOFICD037) in 2016.


The 77's-Eighty Eight

Produced by Michael Roe


This live album as originally recorded in 1988.  It was reissued in 2000 with a second disc of live material as M8-1034 by Fools of the World.



Produced by Terry Taylor


DigHayZoose's debut for the label which was a rock/funk hybrid similar to The Red Hot Chili Peppers.



IDOL King-Explosion 2000

Produced by Various


This album also features the song "Can't Hold Back" which was originally found on Freedom of Soul's Caught in a Land of Time and featured both groups.




Produced by Various


 The Song "Kill the Spirit" features an early appearance of the Gospel Gangstaz (then known as Alliance of Light).

 Also released on Epic as EK 52745.


Lost Dogs-Scenic Routes

Produced by the Lost Dogs


This supergroup of Gene Eugene, Terry Taylor, Derri Daugherty, and Michael Roe turned a few heads with its Americana/country/blues vibe.

It was reissued in 2008 as FOW1003.



Mercy River-Coyote Moon

Produced by Terry Taylor


 This country album featured Greg Kellogg, who had played pedal steel and other instruments on the Lost Dogs record.




Produced by Ojo Taylor


 3-28-87, Balance of Power, Devotion, and 1994's Forum would be reissued on Anthology 2 with three bonus tracks as Innocent Media 8408.



Dynamic Twins-No Room 2 Breathe

Produced by Various


 "The Family Song" features early appearances of Brainwash Projects and Todd "XL" Stevens among others.  Also released as Epic EK 53592.



Daniel Amos-Motor Cycle

Produced by DA, Jerry Chamberlain and Terry Taylor



Jerry Chamberlain returned to the band on this release after a nearly ten year absence.



The 77's-Pray Naked

Produced by Michael Roe


 The powers that be forced the original title of this album to be dropped, making it the second self-titled record.  However, most fans refer to it by its rightful name.

 It was reissued by Lo-Fidelity as LOFICD032 with a couple of demos as bonus tracks.


XL & DBD-Sodom and America

Produced by XL and Gene Eugene


 An early example of rapcore that featured members of The Crucified, Deliverance, and Adam Again.  Released on Epic as EK 53759.




Produced by DHZ and Gene Eugene


 The band's second album was a little more musically diverse than the first.


7100-536-677  (BAI/WAL)

The Lost Dogs-Little Red Riding Hood

Produced by Lost Dogs


 Although technically a WAL release, this album fits in with the BAI numbering system.  It was reissued with a second disc featuring the "Pray Where You Are" single as M8D-1117.



Freedom of Soul-The 2nd Comin'

Produced by Various


 This album featured another early appearance of Brainwash Projects as well as future BAI group LPG.


 7100-538-67X (BAI/Myrrh)

The 77's-Drowning With Land in Sight

Produced by The 77's


 Although a Myrrh release, it also fit into the BAI numbering system. 



Michael Knott-Rocket and a Bomb

Produced by Eugene and Knott


 After his own Blonde Vinyl label went under, Michael Knott released albums for various others, including this one for Brainstorm.


 7100-540-674 (BAI/WAL)

Daniel Amos-Bible Land

Produced by Terry Taylor


 Another WAL release.  This would be the one of the last BAI releases distributed by Word.