7100-300-827 (LP)

The (Youth) Choir-Voices in Shadows

Produced by Thom Roy


The band's first full length record.  It would be reissued on compact disc as CD08795 and as M8-D 1055 with the Shades of Gray EP in 2000.

 Additionally, it appears on the Never Say Never box set released by Galaxy 21 Music.

 7100-301-823 (LP)


Produced by "O-Joe" Taylor


Crumbacher would move to Frontline Records after Broken was dropped by Marantha.


 7100-302-82X (LP)

Altar Boys-When You're a Rebel

Produced by B.B. Stone


The Altar Boys sophomore release.  They would be another band to migrate to Frontline Records.


 7100-303-826 (LP)

Undercover-God Rules! (reissue)

Produced by Dan Willard and Ojo Taylor


Originally released on A&S Records as A&S 0005 in 1983.


 7100-304-826 (LP)

Undercover-Boys and Girls Renounce the World (reissue)

Produced by Willard and Taylor


Originally issued as 7100-919-827 on the A&S label in 1984.




Probably intended for the next Undercover project that ended up on Blue Collar Records.



7100-306-82X (LP)

Darrell Mansfield Band-Revelation

Produced by Mansfield, Turner, and Doyle



Darrell Mansfield had recorded for both the Maranatha and A&S labels before releasing this album for Broken.


 7100-307-821 (LP)

Common Bond-Heaven Is Calling

Produced by Doug Doyle


Common Bond was in the unique position of having their debut issued on both Broken and Frontline (RO911) in the same year.


 BRS-001 (7-inch)

Broken Samples Compilation

Produced by Various


A promo given out at the 1985 Cornerstone Festival.